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Some Stories About Me

Manda Putra is Software Enginner (Web Development) without degree to proof it. Help many companies to do software engineering and also became the part of it. His company right now call him Full Stack Developer, although he admit doesn't do well with front-end development.

You may want to contact him via email if you had some problem with your software, or you need some companion to dip your toes on these complicated software stuff.

But before that lest talk about his runtime right now :

  • Work at MAXSOL as Full Stack Developer.
  • Mantain Vue.js ID Group on github and telegram.
  • Tinkering with his idea of 10 Billion Dollars software that hadn't released yet.
  • Made a book about programming, blogging about programming and daily life.

Thats it for now, I will update this page if necessary.

You may want to look his CV for more proofed reason.

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