Random Stuff

Hey i got tilde page you know it is cool take a look here. If you want to learn some Unix thing without your server, tilde is a cool service. It is free. More information on tilde, read Paul Blog. Bunch of Friendly Ambitious Nerd are on the server.

Some software that I highly use #

  1. Dbeaver SQL Database Management, NoSQL I use terminal tbh.
  2. Bypass telkomsel and another shit provider stuff nextdns.
  3. Git UI, mostly I use VSCode to resolve some conflict, and Install GitLens.
  4. cmus and tizonia for music player.
  5. MailSpring for mail stuff, sometimes terminal wont work for email.

Learn Programming #

I believe programming isn't for everyone, but if you want to learn the stuff yourself, I got some nice resource (In English). TBH you better get used to english cause it will be used while you're programming, so no more "Wah pakai bahasa inggris ya gan, ga ada yang Indonesia".

  1. frecodecamp.org newb friendly, the forum here make me want to pursue code.
  2. hyperskill
  3. Test your skill, LeetCode, HackerRank, AdventOfCode, Triplebyte, and others. Some company use these as a measurement on interview. Better try it.
  4. Official Documentation, sometimes you should read something on the docs.
  5. Please be patient, coding is hard - take your time.

Some Indonesian resource #

Banyak yang saya suka di youtube, beberapa :

  1. Pemrogramman Web UNPAS
  2. Nusendra
  3. Taman Kode Kode

Literasi tentang pemmrogramman dengan bahasa Indonesia tidak terlalu banyak, jadi sering - seringlah sharing di internet, agar banyak :)

Podcast #

I love podcast, sometimes I just search on dev.to podcast section.

But here some list :

And I think just that other random stuff maybe I'll, update again later.